We offer foundation to finish creation, and consulting services to get your natural building dreams off the ground. Whether it be an efficient, custom, wood fired oven, an outbuilding (farm infrastructure, sauna, bathhouse, studio, office, etc.) a tiny home, or your dream home, we're here to make it happen. We also offer natural renovations, landscaping, gardening, and design services to alter existing spaces, making them healthier, and more livable. 

Also, if you have a project in mind and would like to host a workshop, we are happy to take it on with you! A workshop is a great way to build community, be involved, and share skills and resources. Generally hosts will help with facilitating the workshop which may or may not entail: arranging food, camping, water, and bathrooms for participants, gathering materials etc. and spreading the word! We will, of course, help with facilitating all of these things as well; to the extent required. 

For inquiries regarding our services please contact us!