We work on weaving truth, beauty, creativity, community, and change through art, natural building, food and all other things that nourish us. we seek to create meaningful shelter by connecting people to place.

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Bryce has been building naturally for the past 10 years. By establishing an awareness of self, ecology, and arcology, he has built and worked on several structures using locally sourced materials in raw, natural forms. He has also explored many community structures and living environments giving him a broad perspective on effective and sustainable place-making.
Inspired by indigenous and ancestral knowledge, he now looks to expand and apply that knowledge to create a more resilient and compassionate future. 




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Kelly is an artist who combines many different mediums of expression through photography, design, fiber arts, and fine finishes. She has honed her skills in natural building with a special interest in design and plasters. She has a keen sense for warmth, light, texture and storytelling. 

You can see Kelly's photography work here