Click the link below for an online course about natural building basics that we created with Pacific Rim College. The course includes video tutorials, and an online guidebook. You can also keep an eye out here for hands on courses in your area. (mailing list coming soon).



Come and get your hands dirty learning about Natural Building Basics, and working with sustainable, local building materials! This workshop will cover wall prep, mixing, and application of Light Clay with straw and wood chips, as well as Cob, and straw bale construction. When so much of the material world is now made up of toxic building materials, we have to look for new/old ways to help improve the built environment. Light Clay and Cob are sustainable, long lasting, non-toxic, breathable, local, and completely waste free. Light Clay is a mixture of clay and straw or wood chips, which is then packed into a wall. It can be covered in many different natural finishes (see Natural Building Finishes workshops) and works well in the renovation of existing buildings. Cob is a mixture of clay, sand, and straw, and is similar to Adobe, but instead of making bricks, you sculpt the walls. There are many Earthen homes around the world, built with the ground beneath your feet, that have been standing for hundreds of years. For more info on natural building check out the natural building - about section on our website.