It's been a busy week. A lot has happened. A lot has changed. 
As the year has reached it's peak, and everything is in full swing, we begin to descend after a moment of weightlessness. Sometimes the fall can be a scary thing, but as long as we remember to put our energy in the right direction we'll be able to use the momentum of the fall to bring us back up to the peak.
I don't want to get too much into feeling down about the politics of pipelines, and the ways people have been mistreating the earth and each other, but i do want to tell you the story of the woodpecker. 

photo - Isis Kameko Velkova-Andrus

photo - Isis Kameko Velkova-Andrus

Deep in the woodpecker

There lies a drum

It beats red and blood and bone and feather

It's mind is brazen and set

And so is the stage

It's body is cut into a thousand strands

It's hallux digs in

It's tail is exacting

Deep in the woods

A drumming is heard

And it sounds red and blood and bone and feather

A woodpecker is hunting and carving

And performing

It's telling a story

How trees are holy in more ways than one

It's making a living

It's beating a drum