There's magic in places.
You just have to open your eyes and look for it.
I've been lucky enough to find and enjoy many magical places.
This one is no exception.
All the while, sheep frolicking, I'm lucky enough to spend time to help maintain the magic of this place.


This two story load bearing cob was built in 1999 by Cobworks (Pat Hennebery, Tracy Calvert, and Elke Cole) as well as Ianto Evans of the Cob Cottage Company, and many workshop participants. 
You can now find it on Airbnb in the care of our good friends Manny, Alexis (Cob Cottage Craft) and their twin boys Theo and Cory. 

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baby lamb

summer gratitude

Today I am feeling grateful. I am grateful for all the beautiful things that summer brings. The splash of the river, the sweetness of berries, the warmth of the sun. 
I am reminded of the light that is all around, and I'm grateful to soak it in.

This summer I have been busy working on personal projects, as well as with Appleford Building Co. in Victoria, BC, who I am also grateful to be a part of. Kelly has been busy photographing the marriages of wonderful couples all over BC and the States as well as delving into personal photo essays and collaborations with many talented artists in our community.  We are feeling so inspired by the season and by the great work of those around us and would like to encourage you to follow our threads. These are folks who have inspired us, and guided us on our journey, and who knows, you might find some inspiration for yourself, your summer, or the future. 

Here is a little visual journey of our summer thus far. 



cob in the suburbs

Most cob structures we see are built in remote areas where the owners have lots of land and privacy. This oven however, was built in the suburbs on a small lot in a quaint neighborhood. Everyone who passed walking their dog or going for a jog had to stop and see what we were up to. And we loved it!  We want cob to be accessible and of interest to everyone. How amazing would it be if natural homes were included in building code?! Portland has now approved of light straw clay as an insulator and we are hoping more cities will follow suit. Change is happening! 

Here are some photos from cob in the suburbs!


cob workshop

we had a great turnout for our cob workshop this past weekend in errington, bc! from children to adults, experienced cob builders to novice mud stompers, we had the full spectrum. in one day, we were able to complete most of the cob oven, covered theory on cob ovens, homes and other fire techniques and had plenty of time to make new friends and build community. we will be doing the finishing plaster on the oven next weekend so if you are interested in that, come on by! below are some photos from the day, thanks to all who attended the workshop! 

to the sea

we had the pleasure of building a natural staircase from the top of a cliff right to the beach. not a bad view to work from!  we used repurposed wood along with driftwood and beached logs found on site. we always try to emulate the landscape into what we are building and I feel that these stairs truly blend right in.