running the river redd

Salmon are in the river.
Running it redd.
Bringing life and death and beauty up into the forest. 

As we travel upstream into the seams of Winter, Autumn is blessing us with all the soft flowing waters of transformation. We'll be busy transforming a small area of land on Pender Island throughout these two seasons, looking towards next spring and summers possibilities, and workshops.  More to come on that.


The river may change
But the path remains the same 
Water passes time


into the desert

There is no denying that I love the desert. Something about the heat... yes, that unrelenting heat paired with the vastly open landscape of monotonous color that inspires me and brings me to a total state of calm.

For Christmas, my family set out to Joshua Tree, CA to explore the unique landscape and have a little adventure. We also took a little detour to revisit the place Bryce and I met - Salvation Mountain. 



Why, hello there. Thanks for checking out our site and blog. We are really excited to share with you in our journey of natural building, farming, crafting, food making, community building and altogether good life living!

Heres a little visual journey of who we are and what we've been up to.