the grit of it

This past fall we had the pleasure of being interviewed and photographed by Sara Hembree of The Grit of It. Sara is an extremely talented photographer who aims to make honest portraits of people and talk with them about their grit.. the beauty in mistakes, the hard times, and the things you learn along way. 

We encourage you to take some time exploring her site and get to know the grit of those she's scratched below the surface of. 

You can read our interview here  | all photos by Sara Hembree 


into the desert

There is no denying that I love the desert. Something about the heat... yes, that unrelenting heat paired with the vastly open landscape of monotonous color that inspires me and brings me to a total state of calm.

For Christmas, my family set out to Joshua Tree, CA to explore the unique landscape and have a little adventure. We also took a little detour to revisit the place Bryce and I met - Salvation Mountain. 



Why, hello there. Thanks for checking out our site and blog. We are really excited to share with you in our journey of natural building, farming, crafting, food making, community building and altogether good life living!

Heres a little visual journey of who we are and what we've been up to.