Spring hits and the time disappears.
Everything goes into the ground, and grows from there. 
It seems it grows faster than we can keep up with..
But still we push on through the solstice and towards the fall.
We were lucky to stop and enjoy midsummer by making and eating pizza fresh from the fire of a cob oven at our friends Solara and Tayler's.
They have a permaculture design/ implementation business called Hatchet & Seed based out of North Saanich, BC and do many wonderful things aside from hosting pizza parties. 
It was also great to finally meet Ann and Gord Baird of Ecosense.
I have heard about them and their efforts towards sustainable living, and natural building for years, so it was nice to finally connect.
The community of natural building, and permaculture is one of the most inspiring, and refreshing things. 


Earlier this year we were lucky to be a part of a series on Natural Building called 'Groundwork'  put out by a production company based out of Victoria called The Number along with some funding by Telus.
The series was recently released, and highlights various natural building techniques including Straw bale, Cob, Timber Framing, and Rammed Earth, as well as many wonderful natural builders throughout BC.

If this inspires you, and you want to get some hands on experience and explore the natural building world, we will be hosting a workshop from August 8th - 19th in Metchosin, BC
In partnership with Pacific Ecoscapes, and the Westmont Montessori school!

In the workshop you will gain skills, connections, understanding and the capability to take on your own natural building projects. We will cover both the theory and the practical application of cob, light clay, straw bale, dry stack stone work, roundwood timber framing, living roofs, and more!

The workshop will be offered in 3 options:
1) Full 2 week course covering everything described above - 800$
2) First week course August 8th - 12th covering foundations, roundwood timber framing, and living roofs - 500$
3) Second week course August 15th - 19th covering cob, straw bale, light clay, and natural finishes - 500$

Bring your creativity, curiosity, and questions as we sculpt a one of a kind structure from the ground up!

We are also happy to offer couples, students, and seniors discounts!

You can register or inquire through our contact page