new + once new


I'm feeling sick, and staying in, in our new home, on the eve of a new year. 
So I'm reaching out in ways that I can to mark the passing of linear time, on the Gregorian calendar. That being said, the new year also could have passed yesterday, or on the Winter Solstice, or on the end of other calendars that chart the solar, lunar, and many other paths of existence. The ever moving line between the new + once new.
I'm looking forward to what newness brings at each moment. I'm grateful for what was once new. I am grateful for the line between the two. And for the moments when that line blurs and everything feels new + once new all at once. Things change in those moments. You see the future and the past, and you can feel a shift. You become aware of the change, of the blur. 

The new for me right now is home. I remember reading once that one of the hardest things anything can do is move..
We spent the past month uprooting, not necessarily deep roots and we didn't move far, but still with that shift there is always an adjustment to be made. Things change and we have to re-familiarize  ourselves with our surroundings. At first it can be scary, uncomfortable, and challenging, but there is always going to be what is new, and what was once new. 
The ability to move between the two is a gift, and is one of the greatest things in life.. the potential for great change.. that something that was once new can become new once again, and that all things move, becoming new + once new with inspiring resolution.
All the time.